May 16, 2011

O Captain, My Captain...

There was a time in the past when I hate teachers. I hate their condescending ways...their punishments without giving fair hearing...their so-called 'teaching style' that should be called as 'reading'...them using class time to sell baking utensils+other products...their display of fake 'passionate' personality when the evaluators come to assess their teaching skills in class...and their preference of not to be questioned or be part of a healthy debate, just for the sake of maintaining authority+hiding ignorance.

But...there are a few...who would stop doing anything else and sit beside you, and listen, and share what he/she has learned about the world. He/she would extend assistance and guidance during recess time, or after the bell ring to signal that it's time to go home. He/she would also be called as a surrogate parent, a friend, and an inspirer.

For that...I'm grateful to have those few people. You made a difference in my life and countless others. To Cikgu Zaiton (Primary 1-3), Cikgu Baydah (Primary 6), Mr J.S.S Isaac (Form 2-5), Cikgu Roslinda (Form 3-5), Cikgu Nur (Form 5), Mr Cheah (Form 5), and a few others more....thank you. Happy Teachers Day :)