December 2, 2011

A Visit to IPC (Ikano) Recycling Centre

“Recycle, that’s what you do…recycle, for me and you…” 

Remember that song? It was performed by rapper Reefa plus another two singers as part of a recorded mini concert on RTM’s TV1 (The song was followed by Ruhil Amani’s Anak-Anak Dunia) . I used to remember the lyrics word by word. But that was before Captain Planet and the Planeteers drowned away every little memory of that with its propagative theme song. Btw, why the Americans always have the coolest ability? I would choose the fire ring at any time of any day too…got a shovel to move earth,  a water hose to spray water, a good fan for the wind affect…and I strongly believe I can talk cats (Ex: Two long meows mean “I’m anticipating lightly-fried fish for lunch”).

Earth Day, or World Environmental Day, or whatever you call it, is not a new thing. Throughout time, people were made aware of the problem through the media, including the Beatles, MJ, and Hollywood’s post-apocalyptic movies. Then celebrities use Priuses. People use tablets instead of paper. Rihanna use fewer clothes during live performances. Still, in all seriousness of the matter, the biggest impact in order to make this earth a better place for you and for me (Credit: MJ’s Heal the World song) would come through majority’s effort to implement the 3Rs; Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

I made a short trip to the Ikano Power Centre a little over a week ago. Most people would come here for the Ikea bargains, or the controversial halal Ikea hotdog and Swedish meatballs, or the frantic crowd-triggering warehouse sales. For a few, there’s a secluded place for people to drop by called the IPC Recycling Centre.

Before the trip, I compiled everything from newspaper to tins and plastic containers. By putting everything together at the living room made me realize how much recycled garbage a household could actually save in less than a year…in order to heal the world and make it a better place (Credit: MJ’s Heal the World song).

Here are a series of pics to illustrate what I did that day:-

Combining almost a year's worth of recyclable junks (Newspapers excluded...sold some to a buyer form the nearest convenient store 2 months earlier)

Newspapers and boxes (flattened, stacked n later tied together with raffia rope)

Assortment of bottles (Cleaned n separated from plastic/metal caps).

Back seat filled with stuffs

Gosh, really need a bigger car.

It's a sign I tell ya (You can get here from the roundabout between Ikano and McDonalds to the small road behind Ikea leading to the Loading Bay)
 The Loading Bay behind the recycling centre (I walked from the basement parking lot at P1 to get here...was later told I can park my car here for awhile while doing my business).

Price list of things.

 Taken from the payment counter.

The helpful worker Ganesan to stroll away the junks. My car was parked at the alphabet-labelled side of the parking lot...which was quite a distance from the recycling centre (The place is somewhere in the middle of the building).

Last view of the recycling centre.

Received RM8.50 for all the recyclable items. Not that profitable, considering I have to pay RM2 for the parking ticket...but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

The IPC Recycling Centre is open daily from 10am until 6pm. Do come with your spouse and kids and bring your's a good activity for the whole family while being part of the solution...see you there!