September 9, 2013

Once Upon a Ramadan: Iftar @ Vistana Hotel KL

Ramadan happened and ended for about more than a month ago. Yet, it feels like it has just passed me for about a day or two.

Perhaps it’s because of the additional six days of fasting in Syawal. Or perhaps it was the beautifully-composed yet overrated ‘raya’ song by the pop punk music group Bunkface; a song that gave the image that Syawal is just starting, even though the song was played for hundreds of times in a day for the past 30 days of Syawal.

I think I still have the mental aftertaste of the tune.

Anyway, as the last Ramadan is slowly becoming a distant memory, I recently browsed through my iPad’s gallery of pics and videos, and came across a few from a particular event that I attended back in the 26th of July. It was the Iftar with my office mates at Vistana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It was a memorable event.

It’s been a tradition for us to have an annual Iftar, and this year was no different. So, we had a meeting, discussed, and decided on the date and venue. I was quite new to Vistana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and I was surprised that I missed it, even though I’m used to the sceneries nearing the ‘Jalan Tun Razak’ (where the hotel is located). But the hotel manages to escape my views after all of these years of travelling in and out of KL. I also got to know that it was not that far from the Titiwangsa LRT Station and the Pahang Roundabout.

We travelled in groups that day. There were two cars leaving from our office in KL, and one of them was mine. The rest travelled from Putrajaya and other locations. For my party, we left the office after 4.30pm to escape the traffic jams, and managed to arrive at the hotel at 6pm.

The rest are self-explanatory through these pictures :)

My colleague Marni at the hotel lobby. You could say that she's in the midst of things.

RM55 nett. Quite an affordable price tag...compared to most Ramadan buffets in KL.

The office mates at the pool. No, this is not a 'Mangga Magazine' photoshoot.

The room for our Asar and Maghrib prayer. Think it could cater a congregational prayer of 10-15 people at a time.

A multitask worker. He can send SMSes while grilling 'Satay' (skewered and grilled meat).

Appetizers. I greeted this scenery with a nonchalant "Meh".

Carnivores go here (*manly fist bump)

Herbivores go here. As do dietitians. (Seriously, you came all the way from all corners of the earth to the buffet...just to eat greens?)

Porridge and soup...just in case if you forgot your dentures.

Seafood area. Ironically, I couldn't 'see food' here. Metal domes are the future people.

A cool section for traditional dishes. It's a pity that the food were a bit limited.

'Roti canai' (a kind of flatbread) and variations. Please don't ask for maple syrup here.

The bread of the future.

'Nasi Kandar' (rice with dishes). Not really Ramadan buffet-like.

The non-smoking dining area. Also a mental torture room for smokers.

The hunger game (AKA trying to smile for the camera with an empty stomach)

I think this is potpourri. A very big potpourri.
Our colleague Khan with his Khan Style

The Silence of the Lamb

Something smells fishy around here. Ok2, that's an overused expression.

Less people. More oxygen.

My 'just desserts'.

Some traditional delicacies and jellies.

A civilised group of hungry people at this buffet. It's time to break fast.

My first round ('Lai Chee Kang', rice, chicken and lamb grill)

The second round (rice, squids in chilli sauce, and lamb grill)

Baby time starts now.

A special kind of 'ABC' (ice shavings with ingredients)

"...Ooh baby I love your way...everyday..." - Big Mountain

No worries Shifak...I've no direct relations with 'Melodi' or The Hollywood Gossip.

The baby was greatly 'used' that night.

A colleague...playing a fool :)

The aftermath.

A happy ending :)

In short, I love the venue. It was private, secluded, and beautiful as a setting. I guess the hotel management really planned well so that the area will not be overcrowded, and the food are enough for all of the attendees. My only complaint is the variations of the food. Perhaps in the future, they could add more to the selections.

But I think I love the company the most. Really love the unity and the friendship. Hope to have something similar to this Iftar gathering in the next Ramadan. 

Thanks for the memories, friends :)

My montage of the event. This 3 days' worth of effort drained my blogging capabilities (It shows from this entry). Anyway, please enjoy this video :)

*ps:/ Due to the usage of a copyrighted song as the montage's background song, the Youtube video can only be accessed from desktop PCs and laptops.