January 30, 2012

Incomplete Weekenders: The Morning Routine at Khalifah & the Day After

“Nak Roti Canai”. That was Irtiza’s request after sending wifey off to work last Saturday. While passing through TTDI, he changed his mind and preferred Tosai instead. That was really expected of him, as no matter what, Tosai would be our choice during wifey-less weekends. It was like a strict routine that it seems to have anything else would break the universal balance between the good and the bad. 

Irtiza at Khalifah

We do have a mamak restaurant from within Palm Spring’s vicinity, but we prefer to travel an extra kilometer or two just to go to Khalifah whenever we wanted Roti Canai, Tosai, or even Nasi Beriyani. The main reasons were the tasty dishes and condiments that are authentic and freshly-cooked to perfection (I wonder if they would give me discounts after reading this….ehem). My personal favourites from their menu are their Honey Chicken (Ayam Madu), Khalifah fish curry, and Indian-style mutton in soy sauce (Daging Kambing Masak Kicap)

A part of Khalifah, with displayed menus and things.

As if by fate, our seating area would usually be near the cashier. It was also fated that Irtiza would bring a toy along to keep him entertained (as his father’s capability to entertain him through wacky behaviours is not applicable in a public area). In addition to the served food, I would usually bring Irtiza’s official drink; Dutch Lady’s 250ml full cream milk, in addition to Irtiza’s 2nd, least-preferred official drink; a glass of plain, warm water. 

 A typical order for breakfast would be two sets of Tosai, a glass of less-sweetened Teh Tarik, and Irtiza’s water. The condiments for the Tosai are usually in threes; Palli Chutney, Dhal and Coconut Chutney. Irtiza loves Dhal (that he prefers to call as ‘Kuah Je’) so much that he’s able to finish the whole condiment at a go. I remember eating Tomato Chutney at my previous lecturer’s house (He was a Northern Indian, with food that are mostly sweet and sour-based), but it’s a rare find in almost all mamak restaurants. Irtiza would really love that dish.

Irtiza with the Tosais

A close-up (Stomach grumbles like crazy after seeing this pic)

Anyway, after pinching his Tosai to smaller pieces, the dining began. In normal cases, it would take around 30 to 45 minutes for Irtiza to finish everything on his metal plate. Here I can truly observe Irtiza as a mum’s son (as both are slow eaters and constantly observe the surroundings while eating). 

 A video to explain it all :)

After paying RM4.70 at the cashier, we left for home. It was a routine to be repeated the next day. But we did things differently yesterday.

Yesterday was a lazy day. Usually it won’t be the case, as the day would be filled with busy preparations to be made before and after the trip to wifey’s workplace. But wifey drove alone to work yesterday and managed to prepare breakfast before leaving home. Previously, when Irtiza was way too young to understand the art of bed-hopping, wifey would usually prepare home-cooked breakfast before leaving for work (and she still does, but not as regular as before, due to the listless number of chores that we have to commit on a daily basis).

Time ran a bit slow yesterday. We had breakfast and play around while doing itsy bitsy bits of chores in between sessions. Then we went outside to play.

 Swinging away

Irtiza loves the swings. Sometimes he would insist on stopping at the playground while walking back home from the car basement after work, just to ride in one. But yesterday was a long, pure fun moment (minus the post-office fatigues).

Irtiza also loves to run along the long walk path in the middle of Palm Spring. As of this moment, I can still lead in the race but occasionally let myself lose to Irtiza (while he waved goodbyes to the trailing me with a wide grin). Perhaps in the future I would lose to Irtiza for real (*gulp).

Run Irtiza, run!

Resting before leaving for home
We had a big event later that day, but that will be told in the next entry :)