May 26, 2010

Compassionate Finales: Part 1

Spoilers within…minus the bacteria+fungus+Lindsay Lohan.

Extreme bloatedness. Had that feeling after a lunch buffet about 2 months ago. Sticking to Nazreen’s List-of-Extraordinary-Yet-Questionable-Buffet-Eating-Rules (™) didn’t help (No food with Santan+anything with soup+rice+greens+cheap stuffs). Well, had Cendol and Somtam at the end of the massacre, so kinda broke the rules like the notty boy I am. Almost had the same sensation when the season finales arrive (Why they have to cramp everything together in 1-2 weeks?). Fortunately, fatherhood+marriage life made it impossible to watch them back-to-back. This is my take on the shows:-


The setting looks realistic (With ruins, debris n all…must have taken a lot of budget to make the episode befitting as a finale). Got to know that they are using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera for the whole shoot. I was like…woah…the quality was extremely good+Hollywood standard for a thing that costs around RM8K. Imagine the possibilities….Nazreen Spielberg….Nazreen Scorsese…or Nazreen Bhatia (To be realistic). I would then shoot Irtiza’s dance moves to Ceplos theme song in HD :).

Back to the show…it’s interesting to note that House is slowly to a more compassionate person. This may be a good thing…or a bad thing, coz House’s narcissism+sarcastic remarks made the show unique+a hit in the first place. N I tot the Huddy thing won’t happen? (Will make a good plot for the show’s finale, but not as a season finale…The arguments between House+Cuddy is as essential as rice and…emm…curry?)

The subplot involving Thirteen is unnecessary (Probably it was a hurried process…in order to make way for Olivia Wilde to take a break from the show for the Cowboys & Aliens production). Still, it was unimportant and unneeded…like the damn junkmails on Viagra, lottery wins, MLMs and a foreign guy who wants your bank account numbers so he could transfer you money.

Coming back to the Huddy romance…I wonder if this time the scene is real…or it’s really a hallucination like the last time. Perhaps House hallucinates that he didn’t take the Vicodin pills that made him hallucinate (Err…does this make any sense at all?). Have to wait if Kutner of Amber would pop-up in his head soon.

The Vampire Diaries

This production deserves an applause for being able to cut production costs by having an actress to play two characters (Same hair lengths nonetheless?). But one of the most interesting parts of the finale comes from Damon. He suddenly becomes this soft-spoken, caring+compassionate guy (Stefan’s preachings finally get to ya huh?). Hmm… I’m not an advocate of evil and the damned (Damn KFC Black Pepper Chicken!…oppss, out of context)…but really need Damon to stay as the bad brother of the two…coz the Stefan character is already as interesting as a growing vegetable.

Tyler…woah…that came from nowhere (Novel readers would sigh and give a bored gaze). Got to know that he might actually be a werewolf (He is in the books). And the mayor too (Like father, like son…’cute’). That would probably answer why they were affected by the device (Werewolves have sharp hearings too) and the one with Tyler’s transforming yellow eyes. Really keen to see how the werewolf mythology would fit in the Vampire Diaries universe next season.

Now, if you’re a type of person who loves emotionally expressive guys (Got loads of them from Astro’s AF) Jeremy is your guy. If not, he is a wreck of a minor character. Perhaps the production changed Elena’s original 4-year-old sister character to a little brother, but forgets to take away the sissyness. Probably a concoction of Anna’s blood and drug overdose will make him a more interesting character in Season 2.

Anna’s death is a saddening scene to watch. The way she pleads for her life is as heartbreaking as John’s wooden stake. But, I guess the move is needed in order to transform Jeremy to a worthy character. Another casualty was David Anders’ character (You either love him or hate him). The show really needs to bring him back…if that’s still possible (He’s a big asset for the show). To the production…please oh please don’t repeat Heroes’ error in judgement.

To Be Continued :)

May 16, 2010

Blah Blah Blog

Taken from Jibjab,com

It's like an aftertaste followed by sudden bursts of nice+sweet flavours on your taste buds.'s been years since I Iast blogged. Should I blame Mrs. Geocities...Mr. Procrastination...Miss Friendster...or Sir Secretive Personality for d long hiatus? I wud blame myself...but been listening to Linkin Park, I blame other people :))

As my muse wud usually come during nighttime, I'll b sharing my thoughts between dusk and dawn. I wud post my blog during d day...but dat will go against my gothic+mysterious blogging nature (N night-bloggings induce anti-boredom due to wifey's reign over d family tv almost every night+got bored stiff like a vampire with no cable in d coffin during daytime). P.s. To wifey...if u accidentally come across dis post..there was a full moon when I wrote dis. Erm...u complete me :*

So, what else to put here...the Thomas Cup? Dats a downer (Skip). Sodomy trial? Weird n disgusting (Skip). Police shooting unarmed teens? Scary n ISA-prone (BIG skip). Celebrity gossips? Hmm..contemplating... (Ok2..also skip). Tv shows' season finales? Aha, will do just dat...but not tonight (Coz tonight is just between me n Paranormal Activity).

N now's d time 4me to say "Yabbedy yabbedy dat's all folks!". Nope...scrape dat. "Goodnight out there...whatever u are...ho ho ha ha ha!". Dat's better >:)