November 26, 2012

Stepping into AHC's New Boutique (The Grand Opening) - 24 Nov 2012

Here's a question for you: Would you find it strange that a husband was genuinely excited and wanted to go to a grand opening of a new hijab boutique...with or without his wifey? Apparently...I was that strange.

Last Saturday was the grand opening of Al-Humaira Contemporary new boutique at The Strand, Kota Damansara. Found out about the event sometime early last week, when a lady collegue wanted to know about it's newest display of collections, and asked me to open the AHC website....and in a very non-queer-ish approach, I was really excited to come to the event. 

Perhaps I just like to go to the grand opening of things (I did come to the last 2 Harry Potter book launches)...or perhaps the after effects from decades of accompanying mum to Cameleon, reading her collection of mags (Jelita, Keluarga, Nona, Mingguan Wanita, etc), absorbing gazillion hours of cooking shows, being an unofficial fashion advisor to mum, lil sis, and wifey...have finally get to me. Gosh, am I changing into something? (*gulp...need manly drink after this).

That day, wifey was almost persistant in not coming to the event, as she had already gone to Ariani a day before. But she later succumbed to my...err...pleas (Warning: Please skip this part if you find this as unusual / manly-offensive).

A fine display of the new boutique (with the office at the top floor)

It wasn't that hard to find the new boutique. It was not that far from the Red Carpet, and was located at the same block as the Gulati's. The big crowd that day was just an additional identifier.

Wifey and son...divided in interest (Wifey: d boutique. Son: the displayed candies)

They had 2 open tables that day; one as a membership counter, and the other was a food table. Irtiza was particularly interested with the latter (There were assortment of candies, cream puffs, macaroons, 'Kuih Talam', candy cottons, marshmallows, etc). Wifey was already distracted with the boutique and went inside...leaving us wide-eyed guys to approach the food table with a big grin.

 The already crowded boutique at 1130am-ish (The event started at 11am)

Happy tears were dropped due to the glorious display of free food

 The model for AHC at the membership / goodies counter

 Irtiza's real interest

The weather was very fine that day (Kept thinking about doing laundry tho)

An ocean of women shoppers

It was almost impossible for the men to be in the venue. I managed to catch glimpses of displayed items. The various designs were quite nice, while the garments look very natural and comfortable...not at all too striking or too stiff....or not as what Michael Kors would say..."too over the top". In a list of favourites, I prefer wifey's AHC collections, among others.

 Everybody look to the left...

 ...everybody look to the right...

 Shoppers...making the world dance, and forgetting about the price tag.

 It was a very long queue

Irtiza and I went out after several glimpses in the shop, and wifey finally appeared with some veils. Then the waiting game started. The queue was a long one...I think it took about an hour before wifey finally reached the cashier. Irtiza was already making tantrums half-way towards the counter...guess the effects of the candies were wearing off. Fortunately, Irtiza's 'pacifier' was wifey's iphone.

Opening sale in Dry Land

 Lunch felt unimportant to most of the shoppers here

 A peaceful display in crazy world

 Why is everybody so serious...acting so damn mysterious (Ok2, enough of Price Tag already)

Towards the end of it...wifey became a happier woman, and Irtiza fell into a deep slumber when we reached home...while I managed to learn a new thing or two. It was a good day :)