December 31, 2012

Toying Around: Mattel Warehouse Clearance @ SSTwo Mall

Pointing to Toyland

The word ‘Mattel’ brings me two mental images; Barbie dolls, and Hot Wheels. Plus a vague image of Superman’s red cape (Although that is called ‘Mantle’).

Mattel has been busy this year. Instead of 1, we had 2 warehouse sales for year 2012. I’m not complaining…hopefully d next one would be a few days before my next birthday (Imagining big, collector items with wings / wheels….*drool).

…Hmm…who am I kidding…any toy of mine will end up being Irtiza’s….

 The conniving ad

Anyway, there was a Mattel warehouse clearance sale at SSTwo Mall from the 27th till 29th December. This was actually my 2nd Mattel warehouse sale visit (The 1st one was the one at Atria Shopping Centre back in 2011). As wifey was away at work, Irtiza and I went to the sale last Saturday.

An extremely happy kid at the entrance

 Parents were the most excited bunch of people here

"Train-ing dey!" - Denzel Washington with an Indian accent

 Crossed upon some zebras for pre-schoolers here (RM50-80)

 Barbie a Barbie world (RM10-15 I think...)

 The DC characters were a bit limited in number

A Pixar Cars lover

 Seriously...would you buy this for your kids?

More Cars characters...with price ranging between RM50 - RM130

 Queuing up to pay for the toys

No, this is not boxing day

What we plundered for the day (RM75 in total...arr!) :)

It was worth it. The selections were a little bit limited though...but perhaps I shouldn't have come on the 3rd day (The first rule for warehouse sale shoppers: You should always come in the first day). I'm anticipating the next warehouse sale to be sometime around the 3rd - 6th month for next year. So, keep your eyes open for the ad :)