June 14, 2017

Throwback 13 Presents: A 'Negeri' Wedding

The Throwback 13 Promo

7 April 2013.

It was a fine day for a trip. It was also the day when my colleagues (Shifak & Bobo) and I decided to go for a trip to a colleague's (Lisa) wedding reception. The meeting place was at the office in KL. Shifak had already decided to be the driver of the day. Can't imagine if I was the won't end up reading this blog if I was. :)

Khan, another colleague, also planned to join us as a convoy at the Senawang exit.

So, with Shifak's car, we started our journey (around 10am-ish) to Palong 10, Negeri Sembilan. It is a Felda settlement at Jempol. It sounded near. Come to think of it, the whole Negeri Sembilan sounded near enough from KL/PJ. You can reach Port Dickson from KL in about an hour's time. Air Keroh Melaka may take two hours, even though if you are a rule-observant driver. So, the journey should be short, right?

Gosh, we were totally wrong about that.

 It was smooth sailing when we first started; the given direction from wedding card map was clear cut enough as a guide. So, from the KL-Seremban highway, we exited to Senawang. After a few traffic lights, and a very long-winded road, we exited to the Kuala Pilah highway.

The Kuala Pilah highway was way longer than the one before the exit. But it was a cool journey for city you can really appreciate the natural surroundings. The forest and the green hilly slopes were a good visual therapy.

We got so excited when we reached Batu Kikir. It means that we had already reached Jempol...and we were closing in to Lisa's place. We we extremely happy, and Shifak picked-up the speed.

It was a short-lived celebration. We got lost after that. We found out that we were heading towards Muadzam Shah, Pahang, which was a bunch of kilometres away from our current location.

After asking from directions, used Khan's Waze, made a few stops to understand where we were heading, and came across another colleague (Azlin), we continued our journey.

Finally, after about 3 hours since departing from KL, we managed to reach Lisa's wedding place.


It has been 4 years since that journey. A lot of changes happened to us after that. Bobo has moved to a new workplace in Terengganu. Shifak is now happily married with 2 children in Penang. Even Lisa has 2 kids now. The rest of team are gaining family members too.

So, to narrate this story is somewhat a personal and emotional journey. Browsing through past memories...and recollect all the things that we used to do together...I notice that I missed the friendship, and the camaraderie that we had as office mates. We are still connected through social network apps now. But, really hope that someday...our meeting will be a real one....insya allah.

Please browse through the pictures. Hope you enjoy browsing through them, as how I enjoyed taking them in the first place :)

The start of a very long, crazy long. Like, what was I thinking?

Lisa...the bride in zesty orange. Rich in Vitamin See.

Here comes the bridegroom...facing the bride. A complete Ikea sofa set could be filled between them.

A combination of colours. A migraine-friendly pic.

Sincerely happy for them...and for the free food.

The Kompang team. Could this be defined as 'busking'?

My office family. Shifak (middle) has succumbed to Lisa's infectious V sign.

Really love this pic of my office family. And because I looked thinner in this.

On the way back. What we see here is the signature Minangkabau roof. The colour is a bit modern though. The Nippon Paint 'Blobbies' have done it again.

The traffic was so bad on the way back, that we've used up at least 50% of the wedding food energy for the stress alone.

Some of the fruits were in season during this time. The road's double white line made it out of season. *sigh.

Holy smoked meat! (AKA Daging Salai) 

It's a sign, I tell ya.

We were actually tempted to stop for a visit. But our wallets said "Go forth. Avoid regrets".

A prehistoric site. A compartment from my fridge fits that description too.

The colour Green soothes the soul. Green with envy pretty much damned it.

Bobo. Another V sign victim.

This looked like a cool recreational place. You just need to bear with the ongoing repair works, poorly-lit park, and the eerily-quiet surroundings. 

The second highest bridge in Malaysia; a cool fact the first time...not so much on the way back.

Senawang. I believe the name was given to honour the singer who did a collabo with Joe Flizzow of Too Phat.

It was a smooth journey at the PLUS highway. The toll of the journey was the Sg Besi Toll.

Reached KL now. 10 minutes left to be a passenger, and with the time to appreciate the natural surrounding. Missed being a passenger :)

A travelogue video that I did for the journey. Not mobile-friendly :)

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