July 9, 2015

Damansara Street Fest: Mega Sale Raya@Tesco Mutiara Damansara

Damansara Street Fest is a very popular event among the Damansara community. It was exceptionally popular among the Hijabista enthusiasts (Hijabista: Muslim woman who dresses stylishly while complying to the the Muslim dress code).

Before I continue...just to keep the facts straight...Hijabista is a popular concept. Even a very masculine man would know about it. Just wanna point that out...*ehem (clearing the throat in a very masculine way).

I got to know about DSF through wifey, as she followed a lot of the Instagram boutiques, and she would know if there is any ongoing special event or offers. I remember our first DSF visit last year at the Red Carpet, Encorp Strand Mall. The venue was mostly filled with vendors selling Hijabista apparels. But visitors will also find people selling food and drinks, plus others. I remember a guy who was selling a wide selection of antiquated items, and another selling wood furnitures (similar to those from Wood & Steel furnitures).

The Damansara Street Fest:Mega Sale Raya was not that different. It's just that it was harder to find an empty carpark lot. Located at the Tesco Extra open carpark, from 20th June until 14th July, this DSF catered partly Hijabista apparels, and food and drinks (including Raya cookies for the festivity).

I was there towards the end of last month, due to an invitation by a friend, who, together with her friends, opened a stall that sell Western dishes. She 'tempted' me to come by messaging me some of her food pictures. There pictures were very, I dropped by there...just to get her Beef Wellington dish.

I parked my car at the roadside, and crossed the busy street. I'd do anything for that Beef Wellington.

Neelofar...from afar...

A foodie's view

Grilled or smoked. Wait, if you grill it, wouldn't it be 'smoked' too? (grilling my head)
My Beef Wellington was supposed to be here
A display of non-Beef Wellington foods
The view of the second row towards the apparel stalls.
I loved the bottle designs for the drinks. 'nuff said.
This was a back-up to the Beef Wellington.
More back-ups were needed.
A handsome celebrity selling the Raya cookies. Emm, can you see any male buyer here? (*contemplating)

In the end, I didn't get my Beef Wellington (as my friend said they closed the stall for a while that day). So I bought some other things; cheesy meatballs, waffle sandwiches, and some drinks. I especially love the waffle sandwiches; grilled chicken and beef burger sandwiches. The meatballs were ok. But really feel that the drinks were overpriced. The Americano coffee tasted just like normal Nescafe black coffee, and the Hazelnut Milk Tea tasted funny. Not sure if it's just me or the drinks...but you won't be seeing me buying them again (but keeping the bottles...they were nice to look at).

Will be going there again soon. And hopefully...will finally get that Beef Wellington.
These went well with wifey's Spaghetti Bolognese that day. An accidental western-themed Iftar
A different perspective. Waffles...will have you again soon.

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