July 1, 2015

Throwback 13 Presents: The First Day of February

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Read interesting novels for hours. Listen to light and easy songs. Travel solo around on multiple public transportation options, while observing people and the natural surroundings. Viewing and listening to nature. Make poetry.

Those were the things that I used to do when I was single. It was a life without real commitments. It was a life when you can take your time to appreciate each and every intricate details of life in a very relaxed manner. 

In short, I could almost walk on water and talk to butterflies. That's inner peace for ya.

But,  what I have now, is way perfect than what I used to have as a bachelor. I now have a new purpose in life; to take care and to love my family, and to be loved in return. And that involves responsibilities and commitments.

But, deep down inside, sometimes I do wish to do some of things that I used to do when I was single...even though it's just for a little while. Well, I had that once. It was the year 2012, and it was the Federal Day.

Wifey couldn't get a day off that day, as her office is in Selangor. And Irtiza was just starting with his formal pre-school education (so don't wanna make him skip classes). In the end, I was the only one left to celebrate the holiday.

The start of the day was normal. Irtiza was super-excited to go to his pre-school and meet his friends. Wifey was prepared to go to work. So, we dropped Irtiza off first, as his pre-school was nearer to home.

The 4-year-old Irtiza. Gosh, I missed him being this young!

Mama's shades; contributing to Irtiza's cheeky poses for the past 3 years...and counting.

Photogenic. Emm, what's the idiom...the apple fell not far from the tree? (*grin)

Papa will be back soon. Papa needs 'me' time/therapy sessions too.

After dropping off wifey at her workplace, I was determined to do something that I haven't done for quite a while. So, I uttered two words that I haven't said for the longest of time; 'exercise' and 'gym'.
How frequent do I visit this place? As frequent as the Malaysian General Elections.

Then, after being in the gym for less than an hour, it was time for me to enjoy the pool at the condo. It is a funny fact live at a big condo area, where there is a private pool for every block. And yet, I seldom have time for it. It was like donating the maintenance fees to the management on a monthly basis. So, I was determined to use what I paid for. But first things first...and the first things were the 'glaring' house chores.

A serene view...

...before panning into reality (House+work=housework)

Pre-Gopro days. The most extreme shot ever taken with wifey's digital camera

Glad that the camera is inanimate, and without feelings. This shot would scare the hell out of Tuty (yes, it's a she)

It didn't take too long for me to feel the loneliness after that.It was an ironic I was actually waiting for the opportunity to have the time for me to do all the things that I missed on doing for a very long time. And...surely enough...I wished hard that Irtiza was with me at that time.

It was late in the morning. The house looked so empty and quiet. I was bored...and I saw Irtiza's toys. And I had an idea. The result; the music video at the bottom page of this entry.

Irtiza's toys. Well, the teddy bear used to be his mom's, that was previously presented as an act of courtship by yours truly. Woah, that bear is old.

Towards the end of the way, while I was counting the last hour before picking up both wifey and Irtiza, I've experienced the realization that life is empty without my family. I was more appreciative of them, and will always love their company, no matter what.

Here's to a loving family :)

 Irtiza, with the hand puppet and the bear.

I got bored due to the I made this. Presenting...Irtiza's toys!

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